Collaborative Solutions: Apple and Google Join Forces to Curb AirTag Stalking


In order to address security issues with Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices, like Apple’s AirTags, Apple and Google have teamed up. The major tech companies have come up with a specification for the industry to follow in an effort to reduce any potential risks related to these gadgets. Implementing “unauthorized tracking detection and alerts” on both Android and iOS devices is the proposal’s main goal.

In order to prevent the misuse of location trackers that could result in problems like stalking, harassment, and theft, the proposed specification provides best practices for manufacturers of Bluetooth tracking devices. The proposed standard includes a vital requirement for “unwanted tracking detection” to warn people when a tracker that has been disconnected from its owner is nearby and travels with them. Users would be given advice on how to find and disable the device in the suggested notifications.

This proposed standard has already received endorsement from a number of manufacturers of comparable tracking devices, including Tile, Chipolo, Eufy Security, Samsung, and Pebblebee.

Since its release in 2021, privacy activists have voiced concerns about the security of tracking devices, especially Apple’s AirTag. Calls for improved safety features have been made due to the possibility of misuse, including the tracking of people without their agreement. In response to these worries, Apple has enhanced the notifications for unknown AirTags on iPhones and developed an app to check for unauthorized trackers on Android devices.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Erica Olsen, who has previously expressed concern about tracking devices, thanks Apple and Google for their efforts in developing these guidelines. According to Olsen, the suggested guidelines will lessen prospects for technological abuse and ease the load on survivors who must find uninvited trackers.

Apple’s vice president of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang, underlines that the industry definition expands on the security features already present in AirTags. He views the partnership with Google as a crucial advancement in the fight against intrusive tracking on both iOS and Android platforms. The collaborative effort demonstrates the IT sector’s proactive approach to enhancing user privacy and security in the context of Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices.

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