Dark and Dystopian Delights Return: Black Mirror’s Sixth Season Premieres on Netflix June 15th!


Fans of Black Mirror, note June 15th on your calendars! The highly anticipated sixth season of the mind-bending series has a release date thanks to Netflix. The news is accompanied with a thorough trailer that gives fans an idea of what to anticipate from the upcoming season, which will consist of five captivating episodes. One of the episodes, titled “Joan Is Awful,” revolves on a lady who learns the surprising news that a show based on her life has been produced by a streaming service that strikingly resembles Netflix. Along with Michael Cera, Salma Hayek, and Annie Murphy from “Schitt’s Creek,” this compelling plot boasts an all-star cast. Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” and Kate Mara from “House of Cards” take center stage in another episode titled “Beyond the Sea.” The episode offers a compelling story about two individuals who set out on a risky high-tech expedition while dealing with the effects of an unfathomable catastrophe. This all happens in a 1969 that is “alternative” to the real one. Three additional episodes are also hinted at in the trailer.

One follows a couple as they travel to Scotland and come across an intriguing local legend. A other one investigates the events that followed a hit-and-run that involved a “troubled starlet.” Last but not least, “Demon 79” is an episode that explores the lives of a modest sales assistant who receives a horrifying ultimatum: perform atrocious things in order to avert a devastating catastrophe.

Another fascinating season of Black Mirror is promised by the interesting and diverse schedule of episodes. June 15th cannot come soon enough for those anxious to delve into the dystopian realms and mind-bending events created by the show’s creators. To obtain a thorough overview of what to expect this season, be sure to visit the Netflix website and read the episode descriptions and cast list.

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