Windows 11: New Widgets for CPU, Memory, and GPU Monitoring


Through the Dev Home preview program, Microsoft is releasing additional widgets for Windows 11, giving customers more practical options for tracking the performance of their machine. Users can monitor CPU speed and consumption, memory usage, GPU temps and usage, as well as Wi-Fi or Ethernet speeds, using these widgets. Although the Game Bar, Windows Task Manager, or third-party programs like HWiNFO64 provide comparable information, these new widgets provide a practical way to retrieve this information via the Windows key + W shortcut.

The widgets may initially have some issues, though, as they are still in the preview stage. Later this year, Microsoft aims to address customer concerns about the presence of irrelevant news headlines by enabling users to disable the Microsoft News feed in the widgets board. Users can download the Dev Home Preview software from the Microsoft Store and add the widgets through the Windows Widgets section to access these new widgets on Windows 11.

1 thought on “Windows 11: New Widgets for CPU, Memory, and GPU Monitoring”

  1. Rabbi Piyal

    Exciting news for Windows 11 users! These new widgets for are a handy addition, and it’s great to see Microsoft addressing user concerns about the news feed. 👍

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