Bing’s Shopping Revolution: AI-Generated Buying Guides Take the Spotlight


Bing users will soon be able to view product comparisons and summaries for items in particular categories thanks to Microsoft’s AI-generated buying tips. Bing will show AI-generated advice at the top of search results when consumers look for items like “college supplies.” These manuals offer consumers a summary of the items they are interested in as well as a side-by-side comparison of their specifications, taken from the websites of the manufacturers. These buying guides are accessible through Bing chat and the Edge sidebar.

Microsoft is also making review summaries available in the Bing chatbot. The chatbot will compile customer feedback from sites like Amazon and Walmart when consumers ask about reviews for a certain product. Users should be able to quickly understand what people are saying about a product thanks to this feature. To get a fuller picture of a product’s performance and quality, it’s crucial to compare these summaries to actual user reviews. Microsoft is also giving Edge a price match tool that keeps track of the costs of the things customers buy. In the event that an item’s price decreases after consumers have made a purchase, Edge will advise them to get in touch with the merchant and ask for a refund. Bing will help with the message-writing process.

While these AI capabilities and shopping features improve Edge and Bing’s usability, some users might notice that the browser is becoming more sophisticated and feature-rich. Microsoft might take into account combining these functions into an extension to provide users with a more streamlined surfing experience, particularly for those who do not frequently need these services.

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