Decoding the Design: Why This Isn’t Adobe’s New Logo


In its marketing materials for generative AI products, Adobe has debuted a new branding element that spells out the word “Adobe” using the current Adobe corporate mark (the triangular “A” logo) and the Adobe Clean typeface. Although this new branding element resembles an updated logo, Adobe makes it clear that it is not doing so; rather, it is expanding the brand’s visual identity.

At the beginning of several recent marketing movies, the new wordmark animation shows the word “Adobe” elegantly developing from its constituent letters into the corporate mark. Heather Combs, Adobe’s head of brand strategy, underlines how this new branding tool gives the organization more opportunities to represent its brand.

The “A” design element and the whole Adobe logo can be distinguished using similar language. Although the “A” shape has occasionally been referred to as the logo, the typeface used to spell out “Adobe” makes up the majority of Adobe’s official mark. Over the years, the name’s presentation has changed, going through phases when it was simply “dobe” without the “A” and phases where it had both the company mark and the complete Adobe name.

The debut of this new wordmark prompts inquiries as to why the existing logo contains an extra “A” and why the corporate mark and the full with-text logo can both be used interchangeably as Adobe’s logo but not the wordmark. Combs admits that the wordmark provides a simpler and more contemporary method to communicate the brand.

The new wordmark’s inclusion in marketing materials for Adobe’s generative AI technologies suggests it might have a bigger impact in the future. Although Adobe does not presently have any plans to switch to the new wordmark in favor of its current logo, it is open to making adjustments in the future that are consistent with the company’s history and preserve the positive reputation of its corporate mark.

Overall, the addition of this new branding aspect gives Adobe more creative freedom and emphasizes the possibility of continued brand development.

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