Enhanced Control: 1 Password Empowers Users to Manage Accounts Within Its Apps


Popular password manager 1 Password has released a big upgrade that simplifies the administration of family accounts. Administrators, often referred to as “Family Organizers,” can now manage user accounts linked to a 1Password Family membership straight from the 1Password app itself with the most recent version. The user experience is improved, and the administrative chores related to running family accounts are made simpler.

Previously, administrators could only manage 1 Password Family accounts via the web-based interface. This required using a web browser to manage user account rights, invite new members, and check the progress of invitations. The latest upgrade, however, integrates these features directly into the 1Password app, streamlining and enhancing the procedure. The following are some significant additions and changes made by this update:

Including New Members: Family organizers can now send direct invitations to guests or new members for a 1 Password Family account from within the app. The process of adding new users to the family plan is made simpler as a result. Managing Invitations: Administrators have the ability to keep track of the invitations they have sent out. They have more control over the onboarding procedure because they can choose to resend or cancel invitations as necessary.

Accepting or Dismissing New Members: Administrators can accept or decline these invitations directly from the 1 Password app. Pending invitations and potential members are listed under the “Waiting to be confirmed” section. User Account Status: 4. The status of user accounts connected to the main Family account is available to administrators. Names like Guest (restricted access), Suspended, Recovery Started, and Recovery Pending fall under this category. Administrators can efficiently manage user access thanks to this functionality.

Trusted Browsers and Devices A list of trusted hardware and browsers linked to the family account is now available in the app. Administrators can thereby rapidly scan for any suspicious activity and preserve account security. This upgrade improves security and control while also making it easier to manage family accounts. These features are available on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android, with iOS support coming later.

    Although customers have eagerly awaited and applauded the addition of these capabilities, it is important to note that many other password managers also provide family plans, although some may require users to control specific parts through web-based platforms. The user experience is enhanced by streamlining these procedures within the app itself, which demonstrates 1Password’s dedication to customer security and simplicity.

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