Brushstrokes to Blockchain: The Freelance Artist Crafting Million-Dollar NFT Magic


Last December, if you were passing through Art Basel Miami, you might have heard about a fun Pudgy Penguins club night. The founder, Cole Thereum, enjoyed the atmosphere of the lively environment as penguin-themed artwork was covering the walls and even engraved into blocks of ice. Antoine Mingo, the creative mastermind behind it all, also showed up, keeping a lower profile than Cole while sipping a gin and tonic in the venue’s nooks. Mingo worked on the expressive faces and bodies of the penguins, but his involvement in the project was largely hidden because guests didn’t realize the master artist was working behind the scenes.

The Miami show was a turning point in Mingo’s unorthodox career as an NFT artist. His innovations’ NFTs (non-fungible tokens) fetched astounding prices, rising to over $400,000. But he prefers to watch from the sidelines. In the world of NFTs, project founders who create code variants and lead marketing initiatives frequently receive attention. The visual artists are partially cast into the background and are viewed as competent mercenaries in the thriving NFT industry. However, in Mingo’s instance, he gains from the advantages by having his artistic reputation elevated.

During his time in Woodbridge, Virginia, Mingo’s foray into the realm of painting took a serious turn. He began by drawing sketches of his basketball heroes before eventually moving on to commissions, beginning with album covers for surrounding rappers and logos for neighborhood companies. He advanced with each project, opening the door to a clearer aesthetic identity.

Mingo enrolled in community college after graduating and studied the nuances of graphic design and typography there. His independent work developed at a frustratingly slow rate despite his acquisition of essential abilities. It was a game-changer to use Upwork, a gig-work site for graphic artists. Despite being contentious, Mingo succeeded in navigating the world market, landing assignments that not only paid more but also gave him access to the portfolios of other artists.

Mingo initially had no intention of switching to NFTs. A $150 job let him a foot in the door of the NFT realm, a strange environment with trait systems and cartoon-style visuals. Mingo produced a variety of hats, outfits, glasses, and color schemes, resulting in over 100 distinctive qualities, while pushing outside of his comfort zone of realism under the direction of Cole Thereum, the founder of the Pudgy Penguins. Developers combined these characteristics into the first batch of Pudgy Penguin NFTs, 8,888 photos, earning Mingo a sizable reward of $23,000 in cash and $37,000 in Ethereum.

Unaware of the project’s success, Cole Thereum called Mingo to inform him of its exploding popularity. Pudgy Penguins entered the public eye and was compared to the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club. The dynamics of Mingo’s independent work changed dramatically. Opportunities, including initiatives like the Unbanked NFT program, started knocking on his door as opposed to him aggressively seeking commissions.

The happiness, though, was fleeting. When it was discovered that Cole Thereum had drained the project’s coffers and tried to sell it for more than $2 million, the Pudgy Penguins community was shaken by scandal. After Cole was fired, Mingo was found to have a supporting role in one of the worst betrayals in the NFT scene. Despite the turmoil, Luca Netz, an entrepreneur, became the new owner of Pudgy Penguins and revived the venture.

Mingo thinks about his unexpected artistic path as he mulls over moving to Miami to immerse himself in the crypto art scene. The studio where the Pudgy Penguin artwork was created is still there, demonstrating the unpredictable career path of a six-figure-earning artist. While material gains are important, Mingo finds satisfaction in unanticipated occasions like learning that basketball legend Steph Curry had bought a Pudgy Penguin. It acts as a source of affirmation and a reminder of the innate enthusiasm that drives his artistic endeavors.

The main themes of Mingo’s tale are the development of his art, unforeseen possibilities, and negotiating the always changing terrains of the art and NFT worlds.

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