Closing the Gap: Asus Addresses ROG Ally Performance Concerns, But Is It Enough?


Users and reviewers are worried about Asus’ ROG Ally portable gaming PC due to hardware and performance difficulties. Joystick deadzones, differences in performance between early review units and retail units, and troubles with the microSD card reader all appear to be contributing factors.

The performance of the Asus ROG Ally portable gaming computer first declined compared to what was previously evaluated. By giving updated AMD graphics drivers and BIOS updates, Asus resolved this problem. Some users and reviewers, however, continued to report lower performance levels than anticipated, suggesting that the problem may not have been totally fixed. Another issue is the joystick deadzones, with customers claiming problems with the responsiveness and accuracy of the joystick. As many variables, like the particular game being played, launcher compatibility, and software like Armoury Crate SE, might affect joystick performance, Asus is actively looking into these reports.

Additionally, several customers have reported issues with the microSD card reader, raising doubts about its dependability. Users experiencing these problems are urged by Asus to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) for their products and provide particular information regarding the circumstances that gave rise to the issue. Asus intends to deploy an update that increases the device’s fan speeds as a preventative measure because better cooling can resolve some hardware stress-related problems. In Armory Crate SE, users can also design their own manual fan curve.

Asus is dedicated to addressing these issues and acknowledges them. The business is working hard to identify and fix the ROG Ally portable gaming PC’s reported problems. Additionally, to keep users updated on its development, Asus releases regular updates and changelogs. Although Asus has taken steps to address performance issues, users and reviewers should be aware that early review units and retail units can differ in terms of hardware and software. This can result in differences in performance and functionality, thus it’s critical for prospective customers to take into account the most recent data and user reviews while evaluating the product.

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