Farewell to Beloved Apps: Reddit Users Share Tributes and Memes


Due to the platform’s forthcoming paid API changes, many well-known third-party Reddit apps are expected to go down. As a result, users and supporters of these apps are saying goodbye to them with touching posts and memes.

The Apollo for Reddit subreddit is one such, which is crammed with articles honoring the app’s legacy. Users are thanking the app and its creator, Christian Selig, and exchanging memes. Selig and Apollo had a major role in the most recent Reddit demonstrations against the new API fees. Selig made the decision to shut down Apollo after claiming that the costs of operating the app under the new pricing scheme would total about $20 million yearly. Other developers made similar announcements as a result of this one. Since many users prefer third-party apps to Reddit’s official ones, thousands of subreddits protested in support by staying dark. Despite the objections, Reddit moved forward with its API changes, which are about to cause the closure of a number of third-party applications.

In a eulogy posted to the Apollo subreddit, Selig expressed his gratitude for the app’s development and teased next plans, including the prospect for an open-sourced iPad app. Other app-specific communities, including those for Sync for Reddit and BaconReader, are also paying tribute to the demise of their individual apps with meaningful words and tributes.

While some apps are being discontinued, others, such as Narwhal and Infinity for Reddit, will operate on new subscription-based business models. Reddit has waived its costs for accessibility-focused apps like RedReader, Dystopia, and Luna, so they will continue to be used. Additionally, the creators of Relay for Reddit and Now for Reddit have declared that their applications will endure the modifications. With gratitude for the memories and experiences they have given the Reddit community over the years, the community is saying goodbye to these cherished third-party programs.

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