App-pocalypse Strikes: Apollo, Sync, and BaconReader Reddit Apps Go Dark!


Reddit has taken measures to shut down several third-party apps after a month of community uproar, protests, and unrest. This action follows the recent uproar over Reddit’s modifications to the pricing of its API, which sparked numerous objections from both users and developers.

Apollo, an iOS app that became the focal point of the demonstrations against Reddit’s API fees, is one of the impacted apps. When Apollo is opened, it now only shows a spinning wheel and no longer loads any Reddit information. The stoppage was caused by Reddit, according to developer Christian Selig.

Another well-known software, BaconReader, is also impacted and shows a “client error (429)” warning when users try to refresh content. Android app Sync has also ceased to function and displays a “401” error message.

Some apps have been affected, while others, including Narwhal, Relay, and Now, will still be used in the future with plans to switch to subscription-only business models.

Christian Selig and other developers pointed out that Reddit’s new API price would come at a large cost to them, with Selig estimating an annual cost of almost $20 million. This sparked the uproar. Numerous third-party apps were shut down as a result of Reddit’s decision to move forward with the API changes in spite of strong opposition.

Some users and developers have expressed annoyance and uncertainty about continuing to use Reddit in response to these changes. Reddit has informed users about the modifications to its API, but the incident has had a long-lasting effect on how the platform, developers, and the Reddit community interact.

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