Revolutionizing Google Assistant: A ChatGPT and Bard Inspired AI Upgrade


Google is apparently making a strategic move in favor of incorporating generative AI into its Assistant, which has resulted in the Assistant team being reduced in size. Axios reports that a Google email suggests the firm is investigating a “supercharged” Assistant that would be supported by large language models (LLM), a similar technology to that found in ChatGPT and Google’s own Bard chatbot. According to the email, some of the team have already started working on this, starting with mobile platforms.

Google is, however, reducing the size of the Assistant team as part of this transition and terminating a select few positions. Axios says that “dozens” of people have been let go, while the precise number is still unknown. We’re awaiting confirmation from Google, and we also need further information.

In the email, Google Assistant vice president Peeyush Ranjan and product director Duke Dukellis emphasize their unwavering dedication to the platform and express hope for the future of Assistant.

The specifics of the features that generative AI will add to Assistant are still unknown. However, there are a lot of improvements that may be made, from better natural language processing to utilizing the technology that powers Google’s AI chatbot Bard. As a result, Assistant might be able to respond in a more informed and contextually aware manner by gathering data from a wider range of web resources.

The company’s commitment to provide excellent experiences for the hundreds of millions of Assistant users is reiterated by Google spokesperson Jennifer Rodstrom. The statement also shows enthusiasm for investigating how powerful language models might improve Assistant’s performance.

Despite the hopeful developments, it’s still not clear when this technology will be included in Google’s smart home devices. The paper raises doubts about users’ comfort levels with these advancements by noting potential privacy risks linked to such integration. Balancing technological advancement with user privacy will probably be a crucial factor as Google makes its way through this transition.

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