Unraveling the ‘X’: Elon Musk’s Bold Statement Atop Former Twitter HQ Comes to an End


Twitter’s quick and audacious decision to erect a flashing and strobing X sign above its headquarters building in downtown San Francisco was immediately received with criticism from nearby residents. The advertisement is a part of Twitter’s rebranding campaign as it switches to the X moniker. Residents in the area have complained about the building’s hurriedly erected, garishly lighted X emblem.

According to reports from CNBC and ABC7 News, Twitter is currently getting rid of the enormous X logo, which had already caused some controversy among users. Sandbags were used to support the sign, which was hastily built and received complaints from the neighborhood’s residents for its obtrusive appearance.

According to the city’s complaint, inspectors intending to evaluate the roof’s structure were denied entry by Twitter. Inspectors were given the X logo explanation by Twitter, who claimed it was a “temporary lighted sign for an event.” The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning’s communications director, Patrick Hannan, confirmed that the building owner received a notice of violation. The unpermitted building was the subject of 24 complaints to the department over the weekend, including queries about its illumination and safety.

Although no authorization was acquired for taking down the logo, Hannan said that after the structure is taken down, a permit might be obtained for safety reasons. The building’s owner will receive a fine from the department to reimburse the costs of the inspection and investigation as well as the installation and removal of the structure.

Videos that were going viral online showed the X logo that Twitter had recently adopted, which was a bright, pulsing light. Twitter’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, referred to the logo as “interim,” hinting that it would be replaced by a fresher, more long-lasting design to replace the old bird logo used by the business.

Despite the criticism, a video of the removal process was made, showing workers removing the Twitter sign from the building’s façade. The episode highlights the difficulties of corporate rebranding and the necessity of carefully weighing the impact on the community. With an eye toward a more long-lasting and uncontroversial logo to reflect the platform, Twitter’s move to X is still in progress.

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