LinkedIn’s Next Move: An AI ‘Coach’ for Job Applications in the Works


For LinkedIn users, exciting new advancements may be in store as recent leaks indicate that the company is only beginning to test a ground-breaking AI tool called the “LinkedIn Coach.” If these reports are accurate, this cutting-edge chatbot may completely alter the way people apply for jobs while also enhancing networking opportunities on the website.

The material, which was discovered by app researcher Nima Owji, points to a complex assistant created to aid users with many parts of their professional journey. The LinkedIn Coach seems prepared to improve the user experience, from negotiating the complexities of job applications to learning new skills and growing one’s network.

Owji offered a screenshot of possible chatbot questions users might ask, like “How does Coach work?” and “What is the Microsoft culture?” The latter query is particularly interesting in light of Microsoft’s ownership of LinkedIn. The addition of AI-powered assistants to the business networking platform is in line with Microsoft’s larger plan to integrate chatbots into a variety of other ecosystem components, from Bing to the recently released Office document-generating Copilot.

The idea of a LinkedIn Coach adds an exciting dimension to the changing world of professional contacts. The chatbot’s ability to help users with networking, skill building, and job applications fits in perfectly with LinkedIn’s goal of facilitating meaningful professional relationships. The revelation has created interest among users keen to investigate the opportunities this AI assistant may open up while we wait for formal confirmation and specifics from LinkedIn.

In response to the material that had been disclosed, LinkedIn spokesperson Amanda Purvis reaffirmed the company’s dedication to consistently improving the customer experience. Purvis stated that LinkedIn is “always exploring” new methods to enhance the platform but avoided giving further information. She reassured consumers that the corporation would soon release additional findings, building anticipation for the introduction of this potentially game-changing technology.

The introduction of a specialized LinkedIn Coach may mark a significant advancement in the use of technology for career advancement in a tech environment where AI integration is becoming more pervasive. The possibility of an AI assistant influencing our interactions on LinkedIn lends some excitement to the rapidly changing world of professional networking as we wait for more upgrades.

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