Google’s Find My Device Upgrade Hits a Snag with Delayed Launch


Google has announced an upcoming feature that will provide notifications for unidentified item trackers directly to users’ handsets without the need for additional app installs, which will be exciting news for Android users. With this creative step, Android users will experience tracking in a more seamless and user-friendly manner.

Erik Kay from Google recently wrote on his blog that the Find My Device feature’s wider rollout is now suffering a delay. Kay underlined that this choice was motivated by a dedication to user safety and the avoidance of intrusive location tracking. The necessity for industry specifications that were jointly provided by Google and Apple to be ready for adoption is said to be the cause of the delay. Google doesn’t want to launch the Find My Device network until iOS has iOS protections built in.

Google announced intentions to use the millions of Android smartphones already in use to improve the Find My Device feature’s tracking capabilities at the I/O 2023 keynote address. Originally slated for a summer launch, the extensive network is currently being held up while Google waits for Apple to integrate unknown tracker alerts into iOS natively. This postponement is in line with the combined goal of the two IT behemoths to publish a production implementation of the unwelcome tracking alerts specification by the end of 2023.

Despite the delay, an important privacy and security safeguard will be made available to Android users this month. Android phones will now sound an alert if an unknown AirTag is found nearby and is found to be separated from its owner. This system-level prompt is intended to notify users if someone is trying to track their location without their permission and doesn’t require them to download any additional apps.

Users can tap on the alert to gain more details about the tracker and watch its trip history on a map in addition to receiving notifications. Users can use a beneficial function that lets them play sounds on the tracker to help them find it covertly. The native alert system for Android smartphones will be a nice addition and provide users better control over their privacy and security.

Google is also adding the option to manually search for nearby trackers. By going to Settings, selecting Safety & Emergency, Unknown Tracker Alerts, and then tapping the “Scan Now” button, users can use this option. Users can see a list of nearby trackers that are currently disconnected from their owners’ devices via this manual scan.

The fact that the new privacy and safety features, such as notifications for unknown trackers, will be accessible for a variety of Android phones running Android 6 and later, is an essential component of this news. A Google Play Services software update ensures that users of older devices may take advantage of these improvements, enabling this inclusion. Android users should anticipate a safer and more informed experience with item tracking as Google continues to prioritize user privacy and safety.

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