Game On: Anticipating Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console Set to Arrive by 2024


It appears that the rumors are back, and this time they are rife with talk of Nintendo possibly releasing a new console in time for Christmas in 2024. This next-gen console may continue the appeal of loading games from cartridges, a sentimental touch for lovers of the famous gaming behemoth, according to insiders who spilled the beans to VGC.

So, what is the rumor? According to rumors, this console may choose an LCD panel rather than the premium OLED Switch display because it would be more cost-effective. But that’s not all; the cartridge slot, a characteristic of Nintendo’s gaming systems that has never changed, might still be present.

Why not start in 2024? Nintendo executives are reportedly looking at that precise launch window to avoid the inventory issues that beset the debuts of the Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5. Given the difficulties other gaming behemoths have recently had, this was a wise step.

Despite being a fan favorite, sales of the current Switch have decreased as it becomes older and faces greater competition from powerful systems like Xbox, PlayStation, and even the Valve Steam Deck. In 2020, Bloomberg reported that a 4K console was in development, however Nintendo quickly refuted those reports. The OLED Switch did debut in 2021, but other than a screen improvement, no significant hardware or software upgrades were made, making it more of a superficial update.

Developers are reportedly already getting their hands on development kits for the rumored future Nintendo console, according to sources at VGC. Nikkei Asia adds their two cents, stating that the development of the console is proceeding as planned but that information on potential features like 4K resolution or improvements to storage and processing capacity is still scarce.

The yearly ritual of the Nintendo console rumor mill has left fans eagerly anticipating announcements that never happen. Though it has been seven years since the Switch’s initial launch in 2023, a period longer than that between the Wii and Wii U and even longer than that between the Wii U and the Switch, perhaps this time the anticipation will actually result in something fresh and exciting for Nintendo fans.


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