Zuckerberg’s Vision: Threads as Meta’s Next Social Network Targeting 1 Billion Users


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has great expectations for Threads, Meta’s social networking application that competes with Twitter. Zuckerberg talked about the development and potential of Threads during Meta’s second-quarter earnings call with investors, stressing its accomplishment of amassing 100 million signups more quickly than any other consumer software product in recorded history. He did admit, though, that Threads has not yet surpassed the milestone of 1 billion users and that, following the initial wave of signups, user activity has apparently dropped.

In answer to inquiries regarding the long-term viability of Threads, Zuckerberg remarked that it is unique in the IT sector that there hasn’t been a text-based chat app that has attracted 1 billion users. He underlined the distinctive position Threads holds in the market and emphasized the importance of emphasizing increasing user retention among current customers. Despite the app’s early success in terms of signups, Meta has not yet advertised Threads on its other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, and the business has resisted making sizable marketing investments in it.

When asked about the app’s potential for expansion, Zuckerberg said, “I’m highly confident we’re going to be able to pour enough gasoline on this to help it grow.” He did note that many solo experiences haven’t been particularly successful, and that Meta has in the past run into problems with standalone apps. The CEO made the speculative claim that Threads’ success might be an exceptional instance in the venture capital portfolio when a number of failed attempts eventually result in a success.

The future of Threads will not only include the addition of crucial functionality that are currently lacking, but also improvements in user retention. Zuckerberg noted that Meta has not yet added advertisements to Threads and said it won’t until the app has “hundreds of millions” of users. Twitter, on the other hand, has been stepping up attempts to make up for lost ad revenue.

In terms of Meta’s overall business success, the company announced second-quarter earnings that were higher than anticipated. Meta had $32 billion in total revenue and $7.78 billion in net income. While the Reality Labs segment recorded a financial loss of $3.7 billion, Meta is still primarily concerned with continuous augmented and virtual reality product development. Due to planned product introductions, such as the Quest 3 headset later this year, the business expects a major increase in losses in this division.

Despite the losses suffered by Reality Labs, Meta doesn’t seem to be feeling any immediate pressure to make Threads profitable. Facebook has surpassed 3 billion monthly users, while other well-known social networks under Meta’s management including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all still expanding. Zuckerberg highlighted that the firm sees Threads as a long-term endeavor and is committed to maximizing the opportunities it presents.

Zuckerberg’s confidence in Threads underlines Meta’s dedication to extending its offerings and looking into new opportunities for user involvement in light of the ongoing battle with Twitter and the changing social media ecosystem. Despite losses in some of the company’s divisions and the need for sustainable monetization tactics, Meta’s financial stability and sizable user base provide as a strong basis for ongoing innovation and expansion. Although the future of Threads is uncertain, Zuckerberg’s assurance points to a strategic focus on the app’s long-term potential inside the social media environment.

Image by REUTERS / Stephen Lam

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