Virtual Frontiers: Anticipating the Launch of Meta’s Horizon Worlds Mobile App


The VR metaverse social platform Horizon Worlds is being developed for mobile devices by Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Horizon Worlds had previously only been accessible through Meta’s VR headset, the Quest, thus this shift suggests a huge increase in the platform’s accessibility. The company apparently created a working mobile version last year, but instead of making it available, they decided against it because it resembled a mobile adaptation of a VR game rather than a pure mobile experience.

In an interview, Vishal Shah, Vice President of Metaverse, provided information on the project but did not give a definite launch date for the mobile version. The requirement for a more seamless transition from the VR-centric platform to a mobile-native experience is what caused the delay in the introduction of the mobile version. Regardless of the device they are using, Meta intends to offer a space where people can interact with Horizon Worlds without any difficulty. Shah explained that the business decided to reassess and improve the user experience because the initial version on mobile had seemed too much like a VR game.

Despite the lack of a set launch date, the initiative is in line with Meta’s overarching plan to increase the scope and accessibility of its metaverse services. The Quest VR headset is now necessary to use Horizon Worlds, which restricts the number of users. A smartphone version would make the platform accessible to users without VR hardware, potentially boosting user engagement and expanding the site’s overall reach. The incorporation of Super Rumble, a recently released shooter game within Horizon Worlds, into the mobile edition is one of the important elements covered in the interview

. With the help of imported items, assets, and textures that were previously impractical on the Horizon platform, Super Rumble distinguishes out for its eye-catching aesthetic. This suggests a major improvement in the graphical fidelity of metaverse experiences. Super Rumble will be one of the first games to go through beta testing on the mobile platform, according to Shah. This action is a component of Meta’s plan to entice content creators to produce interesting material for Horizon Worlds, promoting a vibrant and interactive metaverse. It is anticipated that in the future, developers will also have access to the capacity to import assets and textures, resulting in a metaverse that is both more varied and aesthetically pleasing. Although Horizon Worlds was an ambitious initiative for Meta, it hasn’t been as successful as some of the business’s other endeavors.

According to reports from October, the site had fewer than 200,000 users, which stands in stark contrast to Meta’s Threads, which quickly topped 100 million users after going live. But it’s important to recognize the distinctions between Horizon Worlds, a VR headset-required game, and Threads, a free smartphone app. The potential release of a mobile version of Horizon Worlds is in line with Meta’s intention to take on well-known social gaming and experience platforms like Fortnite and Roblox.

Although Horizon Worlds hasn’t gained much traction yet, releasing a mobile version could be a clever move to reach a larger audience and strengthen Meta’s position in the expanding metaverse. The launch of a mobile version for Horizon Worlds could be a crucial step toward gaining increased accessibility and user engagement as Meta invests in its metaverse projects.

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