Taking Control: Microsoft’s Repairability Initiative Expands to Xbox Controllers


In a move aimed at empowering gamers and fostering a more sustainable approach to device maintenance, Microsoft has introduced a range of first-party repair kits, instructions, and videos for the repair of Xbox gamepads. Available for both the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and the standard Xbox Wireless Controller, these parts can be purchased directly from the Microsoft store.

This initiative allows users to address common issues with their controllers, such as broken shoulder buttons or drifting sticks, without having to resort to third-party sources for replacement parts. Given that new controllers can cost $59.99 or $179.99, this presents a cost-effective alternative for users looking to extend the lifespan of their devices.

For the Elite Series 2 controller, the repair kits cover various components, ranging from $23.99 for button sets to $59.99 for a replacement PCBA and motor assembly. Prices for the standard controller parts start at $19.99 for the controller’s top case and go up to $34.99 for the PCBA and vibration motor. Users can choose from black and white variants for replacement top cases and buttons. Notably, Microsoft’s parts come with a one-year warranty, while iFixit, another platform offering controller parts, provides a “lifetime” guarantee on its components.

Brad Rossetti, Xbox insider program lead for Microsoft, shared news of the program on Twitter, indicating that it has been active for about a week. The repair kits come with downloadable instructions, and an official instructional video on YouTube guides users through the repair process. This move aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to customer empowerment and echoes its agreement with the shareholder advocacy group As You Sow, made nearly two years ago, to explore enabling customers’ right to repair their equipment. Moreover, it follows the trend set by Apple, which started selling repair kits last year, demonstrating a broader industry shift toward supporting user repairability and reducing electronic waste.

The availability of first-party repair options not only provides gamers with a more economical solution but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to consumer electronics. As technology companies increasingly embrace repairability, users can expect more opportunities to extend the life of their devices through official channels.

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