End of an Era: PlayStation Leader Jim Ryan Announces Retirement After 28 Years with Sony


In March 2024, Jim Ryan, the president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will step down, capping a phenomenal 30-year career with the company. Hiroki Totoki, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Group Corporation, was revealed to be taking up the interim CEO position as of April 1st, 2024, according to a news release issued by Sony.

Ryan announced his retirement after spending three decades working for Sony, beginning in 1994 at Sony Europe. During his time there, he held a number of executive positions, including that of head of worldwide sales and marketing. Ryan took over as President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019, replacing John Kodera, and he oversaw important advancements in the gaming sector.

Ryan expressed his gratitude for a career that allowed him to contribute to products that have changed the lives of millions of people across the world in his statement, which also appreciated the honor of working with an exceptional organization and outstanding partners. His choice to retire was influenced by the difficulty of balancing life in Europe with employment in North America. Ryan said that PlayStation will always be a part of his life even if he is stepping down, and he is confident about the future of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The debut of the PlayStation 5, a console that was much anticipated and successful despite initial supply chain issues made worse by the COVID-19 epidemic, was one of Ryan’s tenure’s high points. Sales of the platform increased again, with Sony reporting in July that 40 million PS5 devices had been sold.

Ryan has made a name for himself in the gaming world, especially in the context of the legal dispute between Microsoft and the FTC over Microsoft’s intentions to buy the dominant gaming publisher Activision Blizzard. His remarks from earlier this year ran counter to Sony’s public assertions that the acquisition had nothing to do with console exclusivity.

In October 2023, Hiroki Totoki, who will take over as interim CEO, will become chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, clearing the door for Ryan to step down. Totoki will work closely with Kenichiro Yoshida, the Chairman and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, and the SIE management team after being appointed to help design the next phase of PlayStation’s development, including the succession plan for the SIE CEO position.

An era at Sony Interactive Entertainment has come to an end with Jim Ryan’s resignation, and the appointment of Hiroki Totoki as temporary CEO heralds the beginning of a new stage for the gaming firm. The succession plan and the leadership changes will be key in determining the future course of PlayStation as Sony navigates the rapidly changing gaming market.

Photographer: Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg

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