Uber’s Foray into TaskRabbit-Like Services


Imagine living in a society where completing activities is as simple as using an app on your phone. It appears that Uber is stepping into this market. According to reports, the world’s largest ride-hailing company is considering providing a service similar to TaskRabbit.

Steve Moser, an Uber iPhone app developer, stumbled found some curious code relating to a service called “Chore.” Although it’s still in the early stages, this offers a look into a time when you can use the Uber app to hire “taskers” for certain jobs.

So how does it function? You open the app, enter the task you require help with, an estimated time frame, and the time you’d like the tasker to drop by. Of course, you’ll punch in the area where the action must take place. When your request is prepared, Uber will calculate the cost and present you with a payment based on the anticipated completion time. No matter how quickly the task is completed, keep in mind that you’ll be charged for at least one hour.

Now, TaskRabbit, a prospective rival in this market, offers a large variety of categories, despite the fact that the code is mum on the kinds of tasks you can assign. Cleaning, furniture assembly, electrical assistance, plumbing, TV mounting, packing and moving, snow removal, computer aid, pet sitting, and even geriatric care are among the services we can provide.

Of course, let’s avoid jumping the gun. There is still no explanation for this Chore function, and there is no assurance it will ever be released. But if it succeeds, it will be a big change from Uber’s well-known ride-hailing and food delivery businesses. Uber has expanded into new markets in recent months, such as Carshare, which enables customers to rent vehicles from individual owners. This is an effort to help them reach zero emissions by 2040. In order to schedule current or upcoming rides, they have also been testing a toll-free line, 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237).

Uber has the potential to develop into a one-stop shop for all kinds of tasks, which is fascinating. While we’ll have to wait and see whether Chore materializes, it’s obvious that Uber is looking into new possibilities beyond simply delivering you from place A to point B. Keep checking back for additional information on this intriguing development.

Photographer: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

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