Intel is set to release their 14th Generation CPUs on October 17th, offering clock speeds of up to 6GHz

The 14th Generation desktop processors from Intel will be unveiled this week, and the flagship Core i9-14900K will boast amazing out-of-the-box boost frequencies of 6GHz. When its 14th Gen Core i9, i7, and i5 CPUs go on sale on October 17th, known as Raptor Lake Refresh, Intel will maintain the same retail cost as the 13th Gen. The Core i9-14900K is being praised by Intel as the “fastest desktop processor at volume” thanks to its astounding 6GHz boost clock. It’s important to remember that the limited-edition 13900KS from the previous year also reached this goal, despite not being readily accessible.

The Core i7-14700K from the 14th Gen lineup, however, stands out in this refresh because of a large boost in its efficiency cores. The Core i7-14700K now has a total of 20 cores, which is comparable to the Core i9-14900K’s 24 cores. This year, Intel increased the core count for its Core i7 CPU from eight efficiency and eight performance cores to twelve efficiency and eight performance cores. The basic frequencies for the performance cores in the 14700K are 3.4GHz, and for the efficiency cores, they are 2.5GHz, which is the same as the 13700K from the previous year.

These additional efficiency cores are anticipated to significantly improve content creation processes as well as gaming performance, particularly for multithreading-capable games. When it comes to workloads targeted at content makers, Intel has shown strong test results when compared to AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X and their own previous Core i7 processors. The new Core i7-14700K’s performance versus AMD’s powerful 7800X3D CPU in gaming benchmarks will be the true test, though. The 6GHz Thermal Velocity Boost frequency, which was previously available only in the $699 special-edition Core i9-13900KS model, is now available in Intel’s flagship Core i9-14900K. Notably, the P-core’s maximum turbo frequencies have increased by 200Hz, hitting an astonishing 5.6GHz this time, and the E-core’s maximum turbo frequencies have increased by 100MHz. The base frequencies for both P and E cores have also increased noticeably by 200MHz. This year, Intel has added a new Core i5 processor to their lineup. With six P-cores and eight E-cores, the i5-14600K has a total of 20 cores. The P-core base clock speed is 3.5GHz, and the boost clock can reach 5.3GHz. Since Intel still uses the LGA 1700 socket, these 14th generation processors work with motherboards from the 600 and 700 series.

Furthermore, motherboard manufacturers can add Bluetooth 5.4 and WiFi 7 as separate options to their updated Z790 boards. The 14th generation of Intel chips support DDR5 5600 and DDR4 3200 memory speeds. At launch for the Core i5 model, the Core i9-14900K is anticipated to cost $589, the Core i7-1700K $409, and the Core i5-14600K $319. System builders and retailers will be able to buy these processors starting on October 17.

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