Motorola unveils a flexible smartphone that can be wrapped around your wrist


Motorola unveiled an intriguing phone prototype at Lenovo Tech World 2023 that is drawing notice due to its distinctive appearance. This flexible smartphone has a wristwatch-like display that can wrap around your wrist. It’s important to remember that Motorola has previously shown variations of this idea. An earlier iteration was presented as more of a novelty at the 2016 Lenovo Tech World Summit. Nonetheless, the business relaunched the idea and gave a quick rundown of its characteristics at the 2023 Tech World event.

The smartphone has a 6.9-inch FHD+ pOLED plastic display when it is laid flat, but it can also be made to stand alone, in which case its dimensions drop to 4.6 inches. This new Motorola prototype’s main objective is to provide the greatest amount of convenience, particularly for consumers who are on the go. Because of its flexibility, it can easily fit around your wrist and be used to interact with its external display. The promotional materials highlight a fabric substance on the wrist-worn device’s rear to improve comfort.

Motorola said, “This adaptive display concept further builds upon the display and mechanical advancements present in our foldable and rollable devices, spanning both the smartphone and PC categories.”

Moreover, a generative AI model will be utilized by the flexible phone to provide customers with unprecedented customisation options. Users can take a picture of their attire, for example, and the phone will automatically change the background to match the image. It’s essential to note that this wearable phone is currently in the prototype phase, and Motorola has not disclosed any plans for a public release as of now.

Image: Motorola

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