The oldest videos on Instagram are now missing their audio


A significant number of the earliest Instagram videos have experienced audio loss. Videos spanning over a year on the platform are now rendered silent, presenting an error message stating “video has no sound” upon attempting to play the audio. This issue seems to impact videos posted prior to late 2014. Though the exact cause remains elusive, observations suggest that videos uploaded between June 2013 (when Instagram introduced video functionality) and October 2014 are affected, devoid of their original audio.

This problem persists across various platforms—desktop, iOS, and Android—indicating it’s an Instagram-related issue rather than a copyright takedown concerning audio content. For frequent users, the lack of audio in older Instagram videos is proving to be a big loss. Instagram is a place to share and preserve great experiences, and sound design makes videos memorable and nostalgic. According to reports, the problem first arose this year. In June, a distressed Redditor posted, “Recently lost a good friend of mine and have videos of us on [Instagram] that I would like to hear him in.” In a similar vein, a user bemoaned the absence of sound in a video that featured their late dog in May. A different user brought up the issue of old films that they had taken that same month, showing off special moments with their baby daughter but lacking sound. 

Meta claims that although they are working on a solution, they have not yet provided an estimated time frame. “We’re aware that a bug caused some people to have trouble accessing audio on older feed posts,” spokeswoman Seine Kim told. “We regret any difficulty caused, and the problem is now being fixed.”

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