The Last of Us multiplayer game, developed by Naughty Dog, has been canceled


The multiplayer game set in the world of The Last of Us was canceled, as Naughty Dog revealed on Thursday. The Last of Us Online and The Last of Us Part II had been in pre-production at the studio. The studio announced their initial excitement for the project’s direction in a blog post discussing the choice.

Though they were excited, Naughty Dog clarified that committing to The Last of Us Online would mean dedicating all studio resources to post-launch support for a considerable amount of time. This would put a serious brake on the creation of new single-player games, making it necessary to decide between concentrating only on live service games and carrying on the tradition of their narrative-driven single-player experiences. Naughty Dog has ultimately chosen to give priority to the latter option, reiterating their dedication to creating story-driven single-player games. Additionally, the studio disclosed that “more than one” important new single-player game is presently under development.

During The Last of Us Online’s development, Naughty Dog ran into problems, as was made clear when they announced a delay in May in response to Bloomberg reports that suggested Sony was reevaluating the game’s direction. Naughty Dog announced that it was working on a “new single-player experience” concurrently with this delay. According to Kotaku’s October report, The Last of Us Online was essentially placed on hold due to the difficulties encountered. The Last of Us Online’s cancellation is indicative of Sony’s larger move away from its comprehensive live service offerings. Sony has lowered its original goal of releasing 12 live service games by March 2026 to just six.

Amidst these developments, Sony and Naughty Dog have confirmed the release of The Last of Us Part II Remastered for January 19th, 2024. Additionally, the highly anticipated second season of the HBO show is scheduled for a debut in 2025.

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