Roku is getting serious about making TVs that look great


At CES last year, Roku unveiled its first line of self-branded TVs, emphasizing affordability and broad availability via Roku software integration. However, the original Roku Select and Plus Series TVs’ picture quality was deemed adequate but unremarkable when compared to other TV manufacturers like TCL and Hisense within the same price range. Roku plans to improve its video performance in 2024 when its Pro line of TVs goes on sale later that year. The Roku Pro TVs, which come in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes and retail for less than $1,500, will feature Mini LED local dimming technology, which should improve contrast and deepen blacks. Furthermore, Roku intends to provide a special mount for these models that combines a stylish appearance with useful functionality to enable the Roku Pro sets to be flush against the wall.

Following the current trend, Roku plans to use the AI capabilities in these TVs to automatically adjust the picture and audio settings based on the content that is being watched. Roku is handling this task, citing research showing that over 90% of users hardly ever change picture modes. In order to improve visual quality, the new Smart Picture feature will recognize what is displayed on screen and dynamically adjust image settings. Notably, Roku Smart Picture functionality will now be available on third-party Roku TVs in addition to Roku’s proprietary hardware, expanding the device range for which this feature is available. With so much content available for streaming on its platform, Roku has access to vast amounts of data and specialized knowledge regarding bit rate optimization and video processing.

Regarding motion smoothing, Roku Smart Picture automatically turns it off when it detects cinematic content, even though it is turned on by default. Like its first TV lineup, the Roku Pro sets are designed in-house but are produced by an OEM partner. Since there aren’t many businesses making panels and TV hardware, Roku’s partner manufacturer for these TVs will probably become visible once shipments start in the spring. But until the launch date approaches, Roku is reluctant to reveal more technical details and hardware features. Capabilities such as 120Hz and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) are highly anticipated. The “Pro” designation raises the possibility that these features are included, but the specifics won’t be known for several months.

Image: Roko

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