Google is in the process of developing an enhanced iteration of Bard, as a paid service


It seems that Google is working on a more advanced version of Bard, which they are calling “Bard Advanced.” Developer Dylan Roussel disclosed on X (previously Twitter) that this improved version will likely be available through a paid subscription through Google One. According to Roussel, Bard Advanced may make use of Gemini Ultra, the most advanced version of Google’s recently released large language model (LLM). This is an improvement over the current Bard, which runs on the Gemini Pro midrange. Barring Advanced, according to one of the screenshots that Roussel released, is a “more capable large language model equipped with advanced math and reasoning skills.”

Furthermore, coder Bedros Pamboukian discovered a string of code that suggested Google was working on a “advanced” version of Bard. Furthermore, Roussel uncovered additional updates and shared screenshots, revealing a feature codenamed “Motoko.” This feature potentially allows users to create personalized bots. However, there’s no clear indication yet whether users will be able to share these custom bots or if this feature will be part of a paid subscription.

It’s worth noting that last year, OpenAI announced plans for GPT Plus subscribers to create and distribute custom bots. Whether Google’s Motoko feature will follow a similar approach or involve distinct mechanisms remains uncertain at this stage. It’s possible that Google is thinking of launching a new “power up” feature that uses AI to improve and expand Bard’s prompts. The “Gallery” section was also mentioned, which suggests that users may explore different topics to learn about Bard’s capabilities, according to developer Roussel. One of the more minor updates that can be seen in the screenshots is the “tasks” tab, which could help keep track of the longer-term tasks that Bard is working on, like creating images.

Furthermore, it seems that there is a feature that allows users to customize the backgrounds of shared Bard prompts, adding a unique touch to the shared material.

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