The reality of the Xbox Series S toaster has been confirmed

Image: Walmart

For those looking to add a little meme-filled fun to their kitchen, the Xbox Series S toaster is now a reality. This toaster is real, made to go with your Xbox Series X refrigerator. It can handle a variety of breads, such as frozen waffles and English muffins, and it can even imprint the Xbox sphere logo on your toast. The toaster, which was first featured on French websites approximately a year ago, can now be purchased at Walmart for $39.99, as Wario64 found out. With its characteristic black air vent, it looks just like an Xbox Series S, but it also has useful toasting features. It has an LED countdown, a defrost button, a removable crumb tray, and six browning levels. The ability to imprint the Xbox logo on your bread, which adds a fun touch for those who enjoy video games, is unquestionably the highlight.

Image: Walmart

There were toasters with a gaming theme before the Xbox Series S toaster. A few years ago, Bungie released a toast with a Destiny theme that could imprint the game’s Tricorn logo on bread. Furthermore, Razer had hinted at creating an April Fool’s Day joke toaster and even promised to produce one, but it never did. The Xbox Series S toaster is a new addition to the Xbox Series X mini-fridge line, which was inspired by memes ridiculing the console for looking like a fridge. There are rumors that Microsoft plans to expand into a wider variety of household appliances. Kitchens might accommodate a whole set of Xbox-themed household appliances, like a washing machine, microwave, and kettle. If you’re a die-hard Xbox fan, you could even get your food branded with the Xbox logo and your clothes stained green every time you wash it.

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