Google has officially acknowledged the recent termination of approximately one thousand employees


It seems that Google’s post-pandemic changes have had an equivalent influence on Google’s core engineering and Google Assistant teams as they have on the Google Hardware team, which is in charge of the Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit product lines. The Verge has been informed by Google that “a few hundred” jobs have been eliminated in each of these businesses. With a fair interpretation of the term “few,” Google has thus confirmed the layoffs of almost a thousand workers on Wednesday alone. Only the known cutbacks are reflected in these acknowledged employment losses.

When contacted Courtenay Mencini, a Google representative, to find out if this was the full round of layoffs, she stopped answering and just confirmed the reports that already existed at 9to5Google and Semafor. The engineering team cutbacks were also reported by the New York Times. Mencini did not bring up the extra staff reductions when spoke with him earlier in the evening about the Google hardware layoffs. But she also said that “a number of our teams made changes to become more efficient and work better” as well as that “some teams are continuing to make these kinds of organizational changes, which include some role eliminations globally.”

This raises the prospect of additional layoffs, and it appears that Google may decide to gradually reveal these changes instead of revealing them all at once. As of September 30, 2023, 182,381 people were employed at Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Consequently, a thousand layoffs would represent about 0.5 percent of the company’s whole employment. One noteworthy aspect of the current environment is the frequency of tech layoffs.



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