Microsoft’s upcoming update for Xbox mobile apps will enable users to engage in remote play using touch controls exclusively


Touch controls are being added by Microsoft to its Xbox programs for iOS and Android smartphones. In order to allow Xbox customers to remotely operate their consoles and play games on smartphones and tablets without the need for a Bluetooth controller, the firm has started testing these touch controls in the beta versions of the Xbox mobile apps. The touch controls, which provide an on-screen overlay to enable remote movement within the Xbox user interface, are similar to those used on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. This feature removes the need for a physical controller by enabling users to launch and stream games straight from their consoles. When it comes to remote play, the touch controls work quite well, especially considering that users had to rely on a Bluetooth controller before.

Even though it’s widely known that using a dedicated controller makes for a better gaming experience, Microsoft revealed a few years back that 20% of Xbox Cloud Gaming users only utilize touch controllers. Microsoft has been assiduously incorporating unique Xbox touch controls into hundreds of Xbox games; games such as Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Hades, and Minecraft Dungeons have become popular examples of this. Xbox touch controls aren’t just for traditional gadgets; Microsoft also used them on its dual-screen Surface Duo phone, which, when the controls are used, simulates using a Nintendo 3DS to play Xbox games. The expanded availability of Xbox touch controllers to millions of owners of Android and iOS devices is a great development, as they were previously restricted to Surface Duo customers.

As a result of Microsoft’s ability to develop a specific Xbox Cloud Gaming app for iOS, it is anticipated that Apple devices may soon support these touch controllers as well.

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