Microsoft provides a glimpse into the future of AI within Windows through an enhanced Copilot, showcasing increased intelligence

Microsoft is dropping clues about how it intends to incorporate AI capabilities into Windows 11 in anticipation of a big upgrade that specializes in AI improvements. The company has started testing a “new experience” for Copilot on Windows as a recent update. One example of this is the taskbar’s animated Copilot symbol, which activates when users copy text or images.

A Microsoft blog post states that the Copilot icon will animate and dynamically change to represent its support capabilities. Users can choose from a menu of actions, like summarizing or explaining the copied text, by hovering over the Copilot icon. The Copilot feature worked well for text in recent tests using the most recent Canary releases of Windows 11, offering summaries for copied content. Although the symbol animates for cloned photos as well, testing for this capability is not yet possible due to ongoing development. Furthermore, Microsoft plans to add a feature that would allow users to drag and drop images into the taskbar’s Copilot icon, causing Copilot to recognize and explain the contents of the image. In the future, Copilot might help in photo editing. Microsoft has stated that Copilot AI will soon be integrated into its Notepad app, in addition to the enhancements made to Copilot. When text is selected, users will have the option to right-click and “explain with Copilot,” which will allow the AI to analyze text, code snippets, or log files. In recent months, Microsoft has been progressively adding additional AI technologies to Windows 11, with an emphasis on enhancing Copilot’s functionality. This is in line with a larger plan to position Copilot as Microsoft’s leading AI brand, which also happens to be in line with the getting ready for a big Windows feature upgrade. 2024 is Microsoft’s “year of the AI PC,” as evidenced by the addition of a special Copilot key to keyboards. A Windows “refresh” with an AI focus for 2024 has been alluded to by Intel, Qualcomm, and other partners, but Microsoft has not formally announced its intentions.

In an interview, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Consumers, stated that Copilot inside Windows has the ability to be context-aware, recognizing the user’s context to carry out more complex activities. The most recent Windows 11 test builds show that Copilot is becoming more aware of context, and Microsoft plans to make use of the hardware known as the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that was recently added to Windows laptops.

Despite original rumors that Windows 12 would be Microsoft’s main AI project, it seems that this endeavor will now be included in a Windows 11 upgrade later in the year, which is called “24H2,” the yearly feature update planned for the second half of 2024. Anticipate more information regarding Microsoft’s AI plans for Windows in the upcoming months as the company continues to test the redesigned operating system for “the year of the AI PC.”

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