Apple is anticipated to confront a fine of $539 million in response to an antitrust complaint filed by Spotify

The Financial Times reported on Sunday morning that officials are anticipated to fine Apple €500 million (about $539 million USD) after looking into a complaint from Spotify. The probe was centered on claims that iPhone apps were prohibited by Apple standards from alerting consumers about less expensive alternatives to Apple Music.

The main point of contention is Apple’s attempts to keep control over users and apps through its App Store payment system. An EU probe was launched the following year when Spotify expressed concerns in 2019 about Apple’s rules allegedly stifling competition against Apple Music. The European Union reduced the scope of their criticisms, focusing mostly on Apple’s ban on developers linking to their own subscription sign-up pages within their apps. Apple changed this policy in 2022 in response to pressure from Japanese regulators. Even though $539 million is a sizable sum, it was a far smaller fine than the almost $40 billion maximum penalty—or 10% of Apple’s yearly global turnover—that was on the table when the EU revised its objections last year. After filing an appeal, French authorities lowered Apple’s sentence from over a billion dollars in 2020 to about $366 million.

Apple spokesperson Emma Wilson referred to prior remarks made by Hannah Smith, another spokesperson, while responding to the latest reports, declining to comment on conjecture. In February of last year, Smith had said that Apple hoped the Commission would drop the matter because it was without merit. Lea Zuber, a spokesman for the European Commission, declined to comment as well.

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