Eufy’s latest 360-degree 4K camera operates without the need for Wi-Fi or power outlets

A new 4K security camera from Anker’s Eufy brand is now being shipped. It can be tilted up to 70 degrees and pan 344 degrees to provide a wide 360-degree vision. The Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330, which costs $249.99, has the benefit of not requiring power or cable internet in order to function. It can also connect to neighboring LTE towers in addition to Wi-Fi. The camera also has a detachable solar panel that, according to reports, only needs two hours of sunshine to keep its 36.2Wh battery charged. According to Anker, the battery can operate continuously even in bad weather for up to one month after a full charge.

Within a similar price range, the S330 seems to solve a number of issues with earlier LTE-capable cameras from Eufy and Arlo. Its features and design make it particularly well-suited for distant regions on your property, such the far corner of a garden or a nearby storage shed, where Wi-Fi coverage may be restricted, in addition to being appropriate for wire-free security in and around the main residence. According to Eufy, it can withstand extreme temperatures between -4 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.By adding an EIOTClub SIM card, which enables seamless switching between Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile based on the highest available LTE signal, the S330 expands on the features of the Eufy Starlight. Although consumers can use their own SIM card, this function has an ongoing price of $19.90 for 2GB or $139.99 for 24GB after the 100MB trial data is used up. With the assumption that the camera isn’t being triggered by an abnormally high number of continuous recordings, Eufy calculates a monthly data consumption of about 700MB.

In order to reduce false alerts caused by animals or accidental movements, the 4K camera has an 8x zoom capacity and makes use of activity zones with AI-powered identification for persons and vehicles. A built-in 100-lumen floodlight that surrounds the sensor and illuminates locations up to 26 feet distant enhances these functions. Two-way audio and an alarm feature are additional security features. All of these may be controlled via the mobile app and are voice control compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Up to eight months’ worth of recordings can be stored locally on the included 32GB microSD card (up to 128GB cards can be supported). It’s crucial to remember that the S330 isn’t compatible with external NAS devices.

As an alternative, it works with Eufy’s $149.99 HomeBase 3 S380, which supports 16TB of storage and makes facial recognition easier. The catch is that it needs to be in Wi-Fi mode in order to work. Furthermore, users can utilize the app to manually switch between Wi-Fi and LTE; however, an automated fail-safe mechanism is absent. It is important to note that Anker’s Eufy brand was implicated in a privacy incident involving security cameras, acknowledging that their purportedly constantly encrypted cameras were not encrypted all the time. Even if the current camera is intended for outside use, it’s something to keep in mind.

Image: Eufy

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