Apple’s aspirations in AI may involve collaboration with entities such as Google or OpenAI

According to Bloomberg, Apple and Google are reportedly in active talks about integrating Google’s Gemini generative AI technology inside the iPhone.

Apple has looked into integrating ChatGPT from OpenAI.  Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has reaffirmed the company’s significant commitment in AI while highlighting their plan to release AI features to customers later this year. The report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple’s AI capabilities might incorporate both first-party and third-party AI models. With iOS 18, scheduled for release later this year, Apple’s proprietary models may power on-device generative AI.  Meanwhile, cloud-based AI features, like text and image production, may be made possible via collaborations with businesses like Google. Apple wouldn’t be the first business to use Google for AI capabilities on its phones, should a partnership with the search engine giant come to pass. Earlier this year, Samsung used Google’s AI technology to pack a number of Galaxy AI-branded features into its Galaxy S24 smartphones. Google’s AI is a significant element of its Pixel 8 lineup.

It’s still unclear whether Google’s AI technology will be branded or integrated into Apple products. Google and Apple have a long-standing arrangement that allows Google Search to be set as the default search engine on Apple products. The annual worth of this agreement is estimated to be $18 billion. Regulators are now paying more attention to these agreements, though, as the US Department of Justice has accused Google of exploiting them to unfairly strengthen the position of its search engine in the market.

The roughly 2 billion iPhones that are now on the market could benefit from Google’s AI tools if Apple and Google decide to collaborate on AI projects. Bloomberg, however, speculates that this action might represent an accommodation on Apple’s part about the perception of a technological lag in its own generative AI system in comparison to rivals. According to reports, Apple has its own substantial language model, codenamed Ajax, and its staff have been testing an in-house chatbot called Apple GPT. But according to rumors, Apple’s AI technology is not as sophisticated as that of its competitors. It seems likely that any official announcement of an AI agreement between Apple and Google will take some time to come to pass. According to Bloomberg, it is doubtful that an announcement about such an arrangement will be made prior to WWDC in June.

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