The interview featuring Elon Musk led to the cancellation of Don Lemon’s show

Don Lemon has released the “tense” interview featuring Elon Musk, which ultimately led to the cancellation of his show on X. Throughout the interview, Lemon delves into various subjects concerning hate speech on X and Musk’s stance on right-wing conspiracy theories, resulting in visible irritation from the billionaire by the interview’s conclusion.The conversation takes a notable turn midway, with Lemon addressing Musk’s remarks on illegal immigration and the far-right “great replacement theory,” before shifting the discussion towards content moderation. Lemon questions whether improved content moderation on X could potentially shield Musk from some of the backlash regarding his posts regarding the great replacement theory.

In reply, Musk asserts, “I’m not obliged to respond to journalists.” He elaborates, “Don, I agreed to this interview solely because you requested it to be hosted on the X platform. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened.” Musk further expresses his belief that individuals shouldn’t overly concern themselves with the opinions of the media.As their dialogue progresses, Musk and Lemon delve into the prevalence of hate speech on X. Lemon cites studies indicating a rise in antisemitic content on the platform between June 2022 and February 2023. Musk counters, highlighting that such studies solely focus on post numbers without considering viewership metrics.

Lemon goes on to say that X ought to take down these kinds of remarks since they are “hateful” and might promote violence. Musk responds by saying that Lemon is pushing for censorship and makes it clear that X will remove anything that is against the law. “You could post 100 hateful things right now, but if nobody reads them, it doesn’t matter,” Musk says. Musk’s opinions on racism and his disapproval of corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices are also discussed in the interview. In his argument that the country should “move forward” from its racist past, Musk claims that “we are all descendants of slaves.” (“Not everyone was a slave,” Lemon corrects.)

Later on, Lemon talks about his own experiences with discrimination and says he finds it “insulting” when people tell him to forget the past and move on. In response, Musk charges Lemon of distorting his remarks and makes the case for evaluating each person as an individual and making character-based decisions. As the conversation comes to a finish, things get even more heated, especially when Lemon brings up Musk’s comment about advertisers possibly boycotting X. When Lemon asks Musk if he should take the fall for X failing, he responds, “Be careful with your choice of questions, we have five minutes left.” Musk interrupts Lemon as he is trying to get into Musk’s background, saying there are just “a few minutes” left and that he has a room full of people waiting for him. Musk’s discussion of his dealings with Donald Trump and his use of prescription ketamine are two other significant aspects of the conversation. Musk acknowledges that he occasionally uses ketamine to combat depressive symptoms. Musk refutes reports claiming that during their encounter, the former president asked for a gift for his political campaign.

As part of an earlier-in-the-year agreement, former CNN personality Lemon had planned to premiere fresh episodes of his show on X. But Lemon revealed that Musk decided to back out of the deal during their chat, and Musk later verified this. Musk said that the reason the contract was cancelled was because Lemon’s show and CNN’s formula were identical. However, Lemon’s program will be available on X, even though it won’t be the main channel for its debut.

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