Kobo introduces its initial lineup of color e-readers

The Kobo Libra Colour and the Kobo Clara Colour, Rakuten Kobo’s first color e-readers, will launch soon. The newest Kaleido color screen technology from E Ink, which promises delicate pastel hues, is featured on both smartphones. When color content is seen, the resolution changes from 300 ppi grayscale to 150 ppi. I plan to test both e-readers shortly, although at first glance, they seem to be small steps up over Kobo’s current versions. That being said, this need not be a disadvantage. The seven-inch Kobo Libra 2 is my favorite e-reader that isn’t from Amazon. It is comparable to the Kindle Paperwhite in that it is waterproof (IPX8) and has extra features like physical page-turning buttons and no lockscreen advertisements in addition to more storage.At $219.99, the Kobo Libra Colour keeps all the characteristics of its predecessor and now supports the Kobo Stylus 2, which is comparable to the Kobo Elipsa 2E.

But the price is $30 more than that of the Kobo Libra 2, and you have to buy the stylus separately for $69.99. Comparing the $149.99 Kobo Clara Colour to its nearest sibling, the $139.99 Kobo Clara 2E, reveals some significant improvements. It still has the IPX8 waterproof design and six-inch display, but it has an improved processor and 16GB of storage. This should help with the slow performance problem that the Kobo Clara 2E has.Furthermore, Kobo has released the $129.99 Kobo Clara BW, an improved black-and-white e-reader. The CPU and storage enhancements seen in the color version are also present in this enhanced version. Preorders for all of these gadgets are open as of right now, and delivery is planned for April 30.

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