This is Tesla’s innovative solution for addressing the recalled Cybertruck accelerator pedals

Following the release of a viral video showing how the accelerator pedal’s pad might come loose and become lodged in the interior trim, forcing the pedal to stay completely depressed at “100 percent, full throttle,” Tesla temporarily stopped deliveries and recalled every Cybertruck. Now, recorded video from a Tesla event in California from today, as well as paperwork from Tesla itself, verify that rivets were used to fasten the pad. A thorough explanation of the riveting installation procedure is also included in these materials. Film posted by Aaron Cash on X, titled “35-second recall fix,” shows off the demonstration at the “Cyber Takeover” event in Long Beach. The necessary drilling jig is already in place at the start of the film. After the pedal is positioned, Tesla employees drill the required hole and insert a rivet to firmly fix the pedal pad.

This keeps the pedal from coming loose because of the “unapproved change” that occurred during manufacture and made it slipperier than anticipated. One of the other necessary tasks listed in the Tesla Service Bulletin is to measure “the distance between the bottom of the aluminum accelerator pedal pad and the bottom of the pedal backing” before beginning any repairs. The complete pedal assembly needs to be changed if the pad’s bottom is more than 5 mm from the pedal’s bottom.

After the treatment is finished, they are supposed to use a mirror to examine the job and remove any debris from the customer’s $99,000 Cybertruck—which has an unreliable accelerator pedal—in order to check the work.



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