Apple intends to leverage M2 Ultra chips in cloud infrastructure for advancing AI capabilities

Apple is set to embark on its journey into generative AI by leveraging M2 Ultra chips housed in data centers for handling intricate queries, before transitioning to the more advanced M4 chips. According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple plans to deploy its M2 Ultra chips on cloud servers to tackle complex AI queries, while simpler tasks will be managed on user devices. Initially dubbed Project ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Center) by The Wall Street Journal, Apple aimed to develop custom chips for data centers to uphold security and privacy. However, the company now deems its existing processors equipped with sufficient security and privacy measures.

These chips will first be used in Apple’s data centers before eventually being added to servers run by outside companies. Since its first announcement in 2017, Apple has been building a new facility in Waukee, Iowa, and runs its own servers across the country.

Despite not keeping up with rivals in the field of generative AI, such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta, Apple has been making significant contributions. Apple’s machine learning research team unveiled MLX, a framework designed to maximize the performance of AI models on Apple silicon, in December. Furthermore, research detailing possible AI developments on Apple products—including improvements to Siri—has been made public. When Apple introduced the M4 processor, it demonstrated the importance of AI capabilities by showcasing its potent neural engine, which was created specifically for AI applications.

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