Twitter has officially rebranded as

The social network that was formerly known as Twitter has officially switched all of its core technologies over to You can now access Elon Musk’s chosen domain by typing into your browser, albeit the outcome may differ based on your browser preference and current login state. “We are letting you know that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings remain the same,” reads a notice that appears on the X login page.

One of the more embarrassing parts of Elon Musk’s rebranding attempts has been this domain change. The platform’s URLs remained when Musk started the transition to X, even though many X components—such as the official account, mobile apps, and “X Premium” (previously Blue) subscriptions—adopted the new branding long ago. According to Brian Krebs’ observation from last month, this awkward shift has benefited phishing attempts. Having started a company under that name in 1999, which subsequently merged to create PayPal, Musk has a lengthy relationship with the domain. Musk sees the business as a “everything app” in the vein of WeChat in its current incarnation. There’s no denying that Twitter is no more.

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