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What is this?

This is The Bulletin Bitz, a website based on and running the thrilling odyssey to unveil the wonders of AI, Blockchain, IoT, and more. You’re reading the FAQ.


Who did this?

BB was created in April, 2023 by Md Safwan Bin Rashid. Today it’s owned by The Bulletin Bitz Media. BB run primarily by a plenty of editors and coders, with the help of many others. We maintain an in-house editorial board comprising writers, content creators, and other temp associates.


What does the name “Bulletin Bitz” mean?

“Bulletin Bitz” is an intentionally idiosyncratic URL. When Shuvo Aziz registered the domain https://thebulletinbitz.com, he wanted a URL that was confusing when read aloud. (Try it!)

Jokes apart, the name “Bulletin Bitz” was chosen to signify our commitment to delivering quick, concise, and informative content to our readers, much like a news bulletin.



The BB Founding Editorial Team


Md Safwan Bin Rashid

Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Web Developer | Author

Shuvo Aziz

Executive Managing Director | SEO Specialist


About The BB

To understand the cultural transformations and commercial advancements that are redefining the global stage in 2023, it is crucial to keep a careful eye on the rapidly changing technological scene. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the dynamic evolution of the tech sector that social networks have the ability to spark political movements, that startups can amass millions of customers in a matter of months, and that the most valuable companies in the world have built their fortunes on products that weren’t even invented five years ago. The BB is about technology and how we feel about it.

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For Publishers

The BB discovers news sites through a process similar to that used to select individual stories: it analyzes links and mentions across the web. If you’re creating enough buzz in technology circles, we’ll find you. For more on what we look for, contact us.


Words of Appreciation

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