Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh '23

Serving as the team representative of Genesis, I led a team of six individuals to develop a project titled Immutable Criminal Record Keeping using Blockchain at the Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh 2023.

Abstract: The need for computerization and data security has been growing in the current environment to combat the rising crime rate in society. There is significant data symmetry between prisons in the current prison management system solution. As a result, the system may offer inaccurate information when accessing any prisoner detail. Our goal is to put into practice a revolutionary strategy that securely maintains the prisoner’s credentials and quickly validates them using blockchain technology. Our suggested method is implemented in the Hyperledger framework, and the trial finding indicates that it is advantageous for the current and future inquiry departments.


Album: Framed Odyssey


Prologue: Snapping pictures occasionally, as I go through life is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s in these unscripted moments that I find the true beauty of existence. ‘Framed Odyssey’ encapsulates the essence of my photography project — a visual journey through life’s uncharted territories, capturing fleeting moments and framing them as lasting memories.

• Coloratura
• Perception
• Dusk Till Dawn

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