Md Safwan Bin Rashid

About Me

Hello there. I am a Bangladeshi High School Graduate from WLFSC. As a Computer Science enthusiast, I seek to leverage expertise in AI and ML to pursue a career focused on innovation and problem-solving. My coding expertise grew with languages like C, C++, and Java, as I actively participated in contests on platforms like Codeforces. I want to write programs, but simultaneously, I want to comprehend the applications of that code to solve real-life problems.
I created “The Bulletin Bitz,” a blog website about Tech; collaborated on a research project “Immutable criminal record keeping using Blockchain” at the Blockchain Olympiad 2023; joined the Goi Peace Youth Community to voice our opinions, establish connections with like-minded people. As a part of Poriborton, an award-winning organization funded by BYLC, I’m working to ensure Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 13. Also, serving as an executive volunteer of the ‘Purnota Foundation,’ dedicated to helping underprivileged people.
Now, let me share a little bit more about myself: I am welcoming, talkative (only after I get used to knowing you), and assertive. I love hip-hop, chess, baked pasta, and coffee. Snapping pictures as I go through life is one of my favorite pastimes. Born in Dhaka in 2003, my father had me tour all over the country, which resulted in my awareness of cultural differences and how they influence people’s views. I feel satisfied when I take a strong voice from my brain and make it into something tangible. I felt fulfilled when I followed my love for foreign languages by learning French and engaged myself at the DPT Foreign Language Club as a French instructor.
I think you see a kind of trend in things I love to do. I love to make changes.

  • To be: Computer programmer/analyst
  • Academic Interests: Computer Science, Data Science, Cybersecurity
  • Skills: C Programming | C++ | Java | Competitive Programming | Responsive Web Design | WordPress | Web Content Writing | Logistics Analysis | Research | Proposal Writing | Creative Writing | Logical Reasoning | Academic Advising | Negotiation | Leadership Development | Time Management | MS Word | MS PowerPoint
  • Interests: Reading Novels | Motivational Speaking | AI Research | Foreign Languages | Travelling | Startups | Chess or Strategic Board Games | Badminton | Video Games | Barbecuing | Photography
  • Language: French (Professional Working Proficiency), English (Full Professional Proficiency), Bengali (Native) 
  • Telephone: 02-48312305
  • Phone: (+880) 1511401332, (+880) 1670809580
  • Email:,,

I want to be a Star so the sky isn’t the limit

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